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late night



211 James Street, Geneva, IL



Problem: Late night dining in the burbs.

Solution: Late night Ramen in the burbs.

KISS: Keep it simple stupid. We’re problem solvers and found there’s no problem that time spent around a late night bowl of Ramen can’t solve. KISS… Ramen.

When: Every Friday & Saturday Night, 8:30pm-12am

Where: Craft Urban, 211 James St., Geneva

If you’ve had Ramen, no explanation needed. You’re already part of the club and now have a new local spot for Ramen. If Ramen has never touched your lips, it’s absolutely a food you need to experience multiple times before you exit this terrestrial sphere, just on the chance there ISN’T Ramen on the other side (trust us – it’s just that wild-good of a dish). Some Friday and Saturday nights we’re Ramen-Traditionalists, others we’re straight Anarchists yo’, and step over all boundaries to create an awesome Ramen-fusion that you can’t get anywhere else. Keep an eye to Insta & Facebook on Fridays to see what we decided on for the weekend.



211 James St., Geneva, IL  (331) 248-8161 – social: @crafturban

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