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Every Saturday and Sunday From 10am-2:30pm

Craft Urban Brunch 10am-2:30pm

$5 Brunch Punch

Ahhhhh Brunch!! That space between meal designations that rebels and says “NO!!! We eat when we want and you can’t tell us otherwise.” Perhaps it’s late-breakfast? Perhaps it’s second-breakfast? Maybe early lunch.. Our food fits the rebelliousness of Brunch. It’s pretty but it breaks the rules. It’s delicious but with flavors you may not have had paired. It’s definitely a good expression of what we love here at Craft Urban. Join us the next time you find yourself in the “inbetween”.


Delicious Ramen…. in the burbs?
But for real, we make a delicious miso base then you never can quite guess what we’re gonna do with it next? Maybe it’ll be fried chicken Ramen? Maybe it’ll be Thanksgiving Turkey Ramen? Maybe a Smoky Pork Shoulder Ramen?
You just have to come by to find out. Starts at 8:30pm and goes till it runs out, usually around midnight.

Local artisans partner with Craft Urban to share their experience as creators with the public.

New flavors.
New people.
New experiences around food & drink. 



Who: Craft Urban is sipping & learning with Becci West from Windy City Distributing
Becci will be educating you about the spirits we use from Windy City in our cocktails. She’ll be sipping and tasting with you while she shares the stories behind the flavors.
Friday, June 7th
Cost: The Gas it Takes to Get Here (and a dinner reservation)
Where: Craft Urban, 211 James St, Geneva, IL 60134
Time: 6pm-8pm


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