Craft Urban provides a platform to celebrate food, beverage, music, and art without boundaries.

Bernie with Pigcasso

Bernard Laskowski, Ring Leader

Bernard Laskowski is a critically acclaimed chef with decades of experience developing and managing restaurants in the city of Chicago before the idea of a unique concept popped into his head. Craft Urban provides a platform to celebrate food, beverage, music, and art without boundaries. Introducing local artisan producers who obsess to the point of madness for you, our guests. We welcome you to our unique dining experience curated by our team.


Executive Chef Sebastian Laskowski

Being a second generation cook, Sebastian has been surrounded by food for most of his life. Starting his career learning how to cook from his parents and their Catering business, Sebastian has then moved on to work and learn from some of the best chefs in the city of Chicago. Sebastian enjoys long walks on the beach, making sandwiches, really cold beers and watching television with subtitles.


Bernard Laskowski, Beverage Director

There comes a time in every man’s life when he’s got to take a look at himself in a mirror and decide just exactly who he is. Well, I’ve come to that crossroads and I’ve decided. Bernard Laskowski is a man. Bernard Laskowski is a bulletproof tiger. Bernard Laskowski is a lover. But the thing that Bernard Laskowski is the most, is a damn champion.

Clare Clayton, Catering & Events Director

With an advanced degree in managing multi-task shenanigans, Clare takes no prisoners when it comes to development and execution of events. She has a career based entirely in the Food & Beverage world and looks forward to every workday as the Craft Urban "gal Friday" with an enthusiasm that often annoys those around her. With two kids, two dogs, two dragons and a partner at home, free time is rare but often involves gardening, BBC murder mysteries, and trying to get people to go with her to escape rooms.